Black Hole

This stone could be considered “no interesting”. Is not too high and is so easy to climb so you even do not even need the climbing shoes with you. But there is something special about it. In the middle part is a quite big hole. So the deal is to start climbing on the back side and finish on the front one. Difficulty depend from your body size :).


Accessibility: ●●●●

Rock type: Limestone

Estimated number of routes: 1

Routes difficulty: 5

GPS coordinates: 39.948653, 116.391364


How to get there: The Black Hole is located just couple of meters west from the Gulou subway station. Near by is the bus stop number 44, 409, 625, 909 and 12.


-better avoid               ★-do not expect too much          – ok            -nice           ★– classic

●- prohibited    ●●- not easy but possible     ●●●-be ready to give some explanations     ●●●●-someone can watch you  ●●●●●-you are welcome

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