Mission Impossible 2

Another of the Missions Impossibles (the boulders to blank to make even one single movements) and what more strange is just near to the Mission Impossible 1. If you would like to make impossible possible that is the place for you. This stone is highball, around 6 miters high. I am not really sure if it is natural stone or just peace of concrete pretending to be stone.


Accessibility: ●●●

Rock type:

Estimated number of routes: 0

Routes difficulty: ?

GPS coordinates: 39.957657,116.37806

Place: Holiday Inn, No.71 Deshengmenwai Street, Xicheng District, Beijing


-better avoid               ★-do not expect too much          – ok            -nice           ★– classic

●- prohibited    ●●- not easy but possible     ●●●-be ready to give some explanations     ●●●●-someone can watch you  ●●●●●-you are welcome

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