Pineapple Season

Paradise for less-advanced climbers. The feature of this stone is very diverse. The friction is also very good.


Accessibility: ●●●

Rock type: Granite

Estimated number of routes: 10

Routes difficulty: 5 – 6a

GPS coordinates: 39.933294, 116.492509

Place: 100 Yaojia Yuan Rd, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

How to get there: The boulder is located at The Fanhai International Center. It is not very easy to spot from the 4th ring road. You can first get to Chaoyang Bridge North bus station and then walk south to the Yao Jia Yuan Rd. At the traffic lights there turn east and walk about 100m. You’ll see the boulder on the right side just opposite to a bus stop.

Additional information:  Another boulder One Mao is not far away from here.


-better avoid               ★-do not expect too much          – ok            -nice           ★– classic

●- prohibited    ●●- not easy but possible     ●●●-be ready to give some explanations     ●●●●-someone can watch you  ●●●●●-you are welcome

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