Rock Crime 3

Rock Crimes boulders are special. Possible the most impressive boulders in all Beijing.

Some days ago there was an beautiful cave. Right now there are beautiful pieces of caves placed in couple of street corners in Beijing. Sad thing but amazing to climb.

The Rock Crime 3 have no FA yet. We have spent to much time by clean it and we get stopped by some white guards.

Grade: ★★★★

Accessibility: ●●

Rock type: Limestone

Estimated number of routes: 2

Routes difficulty: ?

GPS coordinates: 39.904778,116.504457

Place: Gaobie dian, Chaoyang Distrit, Beijing.

How to get there: The boulder is located in the area without any local transportation. Propably the best idea is to the walk to it fron RockCrime 1, Cancer and  the Gate Stone. If you will get to the Cancer walking from the north, turn right. You will find the boulder around 500m this direction.

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