The End

Seems that the street park with boulders is finishing here (of course it can be the beginning as well). In the beginning of this park you will find the stone with the same structure (The Beginning) as well like in the middle (Black Hole). This one is the third one of the extreme easy boulder. The good thing is that this one have overhanging part what is making it a bit harder. But anyway you can leave your climbing shoes back home.


Accessibility: ●●●●

Rock type: Limestone

Estimated number of routes: 3

Routes difficulty: 5

GPS coordinates: 39.948405, 116.381472

Place: Desheng Park (West gate), Xicheng, Beijing

How to get there: You can get there by getting to the Gulou subway station and walking around 500 meters west along the second ring road. You can also get to the Desheng gate and walk south from there to the small park on the other side of the road. The boulder is located a bit east in that park.


-better avoid               ★-do not expect too much          – ok            -nice           ★– classic

●- prohibited    ●●- not easy but possible     ●●●-be ready to give some explanations     ●●●●-someone can watch you  ●●●●●-you are welcome

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